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APPQ - Accountants Personality Profile

"The report has been very insightful. If the candidate gets the job it will help us understand how to work best with them. We’ll definitely use the tests again." 
Pamela Phillips, Founder and MD - de Jong Phillips, UK

"Our team used Accountest as an assessment tool for all our existing Senior Account Managers. Not only were we able to evaluate their current skillset and determine their “grinder”, “minder” or "finder" mindset or personality, we used the evaluation as a launching point to start coaching them to become the best accountant possible in their particular setting and style. Great service and fantastic results that we can use now and in the future during recruitment of new team members!"
Jane Lyall, Chief of Staff - Streamline Accounting



APPQ - Accountants Personality Profile


Accountants Personality Profile

Why Use Personality Questionnaires When Recruiting? 

Valid and reliable personality assessments quickly uncover the soft skills associated with success in accounting and bookkeeping roles.   

Accountant Personality Profile Questionnaire (APPQ) 

The APPQ is the first accountant-specific personality questionnaire in the world.   

Focusing on the behaviours and traits associated with success in a changing world of accounting first identified by the Association of Certified Chartered Accountants (ACCA) in their landmark 2016 study and founded on the Big-5 model of personality, APPQ provides a rapid and reliable assessment of whether your candidate is likely to add value to your organization. 


Key Features 

  • Specific focus on Accounting Ethics, Relationships, Problem Solving, Decision Making, Handling Change & Stress Tolerance  
  • Suitable for Accountants, Bookkeepers, Managers and Admin/Support Staff 
  • Online assessment, with instant reporting 
  • Typically takes 20 minutes to complete 
  • Interview questions to address areas of concern 
  • Personal/professional development plans to get new staff effective quicker 
  • Reports readily interpreted by you, with online support when needed
  • Each test purchased allows you to test one candidate


Consider Suitability for Promotion or a New Role - Finders / Minders / Grinders

How will your candidate cope with managing a team, being responsible for client relationships and finding new work? Not familiar with the concept of Finders, Minders and Grinders? Check out what the guys at Karbon have to say.

Compare your candidate's report to our ideal profiles to identify those who Find the work, Mind (Manage) the work, and Grind out the information (Do The Work!).

Is your candidate naturally a Finder, Minder or Grinder, and what role do you see them in? See our Finder / Minder / Grinder page.


Test Your Team!

If you want to understand the profile of all or part of your team check out our APPQ Teams page.


Watch a 2 Minute Video giving an introduction to APPQ

APPQ Sample Report


When your candidate has completed the test you can use these Interpretation Videos to help understand more about their test report.

What our clients are saying

Here's what some of Accountests clients tell us

"The report validated his CV and I was pleased that it gave reassurance. His weak points were in Drs & Crs questions which I would expect from someone who has not had a huge exposure to Ltd Company accounts. The BA part was surprisingly good for someone with his background. I recommended to the agency he came through."

Gary Richards, Owner

Tax Assist, Larkfield & Paddock Wood, UK

"Accountests has completely changed our interview process. No longer do we waste time with the ‘talkers’ who have the gift of being amazing at interviews but who turn out to be not so great at their job!  I can honestly say that we will never give up using Accountests."

David Jones, FCCA

Lewis Brownlee: Chartered Accountants & Tax Advisers, London & SE England, UK

"A really useful resource we use when screening candidates. The tests have questions of varying levels of complexity and the candidate report fully breaks down which answers were answered correctly and incorrectly. This really helps us understand a candidates strengths and weaknesses and identify training requirements."

Charlotte Wass, Director, England, UK

"The tests were extremely valuable in providing an independent gauge of the skill level of the candidates, which played a key part in making a decision on who was right for the role.”

Ryan Rambaccussing, Group Financial Controller

FE fundinfo, London, UK

"Overall Accountests has highlighted the past weakness in our interview process very well and whilst I already rated your product very highly beforehand, the disconnect that can occur between how candidates interview and their test score was a real eye opener for me personally. Straight away this has saved us the time of second interview and staff cost through recruiting weaker candidates.'

Dean Blunden, Director

UHY Ross Brooke Chartered Accountants, Newbury, UK

"Really good communication throughout, and provided us with a great test when recruiting for a bookkeeping role."

Amelia Adkins, Assistant Manager

KPMG, Southampton, UK

"I was very impressed with candidate #1's results. Candidate #2 was front runner, however seeing the results candidate #1 has overtaken! Although reading through I know that candidate #2 is also in the average section, being 58th percentile, so not to dismiss her either! I feel we have a hard decision to make. The test has helped though, a lot, and they're very interesting to see the areas in which they scored well/didn't do so well. "

Cheryl Sharp FCCA, CEO

Pink Pig Financials, UK

"We have found that Accountests gives us the opportunity to understand our candidates accounting ability, which no other product has done until now. It also gives us the opportunity to base further questions for the candidate around what we can see their ability is and enable us to make an informed decision."

David Jones, FCCA

Lewis Brownlee: Chartered Accountants & Tax Advisers, London & SE England, UK

"I thought the test was exceptionally good!"

Sarah Palmer, Chief Operations Officer

IAB, London, UK

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