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"the abilities being shown by the recruited candidate correlates with the outcome of their test, and they are progressing and delivering to expectations"

BDO Partner



"The service offered by Accountests has been a game changer for our recruitment of professional staff. The ability to quickly assess the relevant technical skills of candidates has significantly improved our decision making process.

The design of the Part Qualified and Chartered Accountant tests is well thought out and delivers a great benchmark assessment. We have even applied the tests to existing staff to assess their skills progression as part of our internal performance review process."

Chris Roos, Partner, PKF Mack

We have recently started using Accountest assessments along with other profiling products to support our recruitment process. We have found that Accountests gives us the opportunity to understand our candidates accounting ability, which no other product has done until now. It also gives us the opportunity to base further questions for the candidate around what we can see their ability is and enable us to make an informed decision.

Sharlene Bryant, Director, Baker Tilly SR





Audit Senior / Audit Manager Test

The Audit Senior / Audit Manager Test is designed to assess the knowledge and understanding of candidates for roles that focus on auditing external financial statements in public practice accounting firms.
The test will be most appropriate for candidates with at least 2 years audit experience, and up to the level of an Audit Manager with 5 or more years experience.
Test takers do not need to be qualified members of a recognized professional accounting body, but at a minimum, should be working towards qualified membership.


The test covers areas:

  • Accounting Understanding
  • Financial Reporting Standards (appropriate for both IFRS and US GAAP)
  • Analytical Review / Interpretation
  • Auditing Standards

As the test is designed to assess skills relevant under IFRS or US GAAP, it will be relevant in most countries. However, the test is unlikely to be appropriate for internal auditors, unless their work revolves around financial reporting standards.

Sample Candidate Test Report - Click Here
Example Audit Senior/Audit Manager Test Questions - Click Here.
  • Time to complete: 30 minutes
  • Number of questions: 40
  • Question Levels: Basic = 13, Intermediate = 14, Advanced = 13
  • Questions per topic: Financial Reporting = 15, Audit Review = 10, Accounting = 5, Audit Standards = 10

When your candidate has completed the test you can use this Interpretation Video to help understand more about their test report.