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Technical Issues  


My Test Won’t Load  

If clicking the test link results in an error message, please switch to a Chrome browser, then copy & paste the test link URL directly into the Chrome browser rather than clicking on it.    

Devices & Software  

All tests must be accessed using a laptop or desktop computer. The test cannot be taken using a mobile phone or tablet. Acceptable browsers include the latest versions of Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Edge.  


All Accountests tests are proctored, which uses a candidate’s camera to capture images throughout the duration of the test in order to prevent cheating. Candidates must have and allow access to a webcam or they won’t be able to complete the test. More information on Proctoring can be found here  



Proctoring Technical Troubleshooting  

For candidates experiencing technical difficulties with proctoring during their online tests.  


Camera Failing to Initialize on the Reference Photo Step:  

Candidates may encounter issues with their cameras not starting up during the reference photo step, where the camera requests access for the first time.  

Troubleshooting steps include:  

  1. Checking browser permissions to ensure access to the camera.  
  2. Verifying if the candidate's device is in "Do Not Disturb" mode, particularly relevant for Apple devices.  
  3. Updating the browser to the latest version if the issue persists.  
  4. Advising candidates to switch browsers, with Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari (excluding Safari for Windows) being acceptable options.  
  5. Verifying hardware functionality by using the device's camera app or connecting an external webcam if necessary.  


Camera Drops Out Mid-Test:  

In the event of a camera dropout mid-test an automated reconnection system is in place. Reconnection attempts will run for approximately 30 seconds. If the system fails to reconnect automatically, the test will stop and be auto-submitted.  

Possible causes include:  

  • internet connection dropouts  
  • Windows features running health checks  
  • issues with device hardware.  



Accessing the New Testing Platform  

First Time Access  

Whether an established customer, or first time buyer, your first test purchased on the new platform will require you to set a password to the email address you used to purchase – this creates your account.   

Instructions and a direct link to do this can be found in your Report Access email, received at the time of purchase (you’ll see a ! In the subject line).   

Ongoing Access  

Once your password is set you can access the platform from the Report Access email or the Report Notification emails as usual.  



Accessing Reports  

Accessing Candidate Reports with Your Report Notification Link  

  1. Once a candidate completes a test you will receive an email with the subject line “A participant has completed their questionnaire”  
  2. Click the link in the email to be taken to the new testing platform.  
  3. Log in with your credentials and the report will automatically open it.  
  4. You can download the PDF if you choose.  


Accessing Candidate Reports with Your Report Access Link  

  1. At the time of test purchase you will receive an email with the subject line “Report Access Link”  
  2. If it is your first purchase please follow the instructions in the email to set up an new account.  
  3. If you already have an account, click on the link within the email and sign in to the testing platform  
  4. Click on “Analysis Centre”  
  5. Click on “Campaigns”  
  6. You’ll see all of your test purchases listed in tiles. The number at the start of each heading is the order number, followed by the test name and the date of purchase.  
  7. Click on the heading of the test you’d like to see the report for  
  8. Here you will find a list of all candidates to complete the test.  
  9. Clicking on the corresponding link under ‘Reports’ will download a copy of that report to your device.  


Accessing Proctoring Reports  

  1. Log in to the new testing platform   
  2. Click on “Manage Remote Proctoring”  
  3. Search for the correct test by scrolling the tiles, or using the search bar function to search the order number of name of test.  
  4. Select the test tile, select the candidate and view the report  
  5. The report will show the candidate’s photo and list any infractions that occurred during the test.   


If you are a CANDIDTE and still having trouble, please notify the person that issued you the test. Include a description of the error, which browser and device you were using, and which test you were completing.   

If you are a CUSTOMER and still having trouble, please email us at Include information such as which testorder number, and any information from your candidate.     



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