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Technical Data

Thanks for visiting the Technical Page. Most people come here to find out a bit more about the design and statistical reliability/validity of our tests.


Biodata & Norm Groups

Scroll down to see the biodata of the people who make up the norm group of each test. Think of these as the national applicant pool in the country where you are hiring. You can also use this biodata to demonstrate that the tests you use reflect and support the people diversity aims of your business.


Statistical Data – Does this test measure what it claims to measure?

Before any of our tests are released for purchase, they undergo stringent tests of reliability and validity to ensure that they firstly measure what they claim to measure and secondly do so with an acceptable degree of accuracy. These tests are carried out by independent ISO accredited psychometricians.


Scroll down to view links to each test. These pages allow you to check the reliability and validity measure of each test for assurance that you are using thoroughly measured, periodically reviewed, and independently approved testing in your hiring processes.


APPQ Accountants Personality Profile

International Chartered Accountant (Corporate) Test

Management Accountant Test

New Zealand Chartered Accountant Test

Australian Chartered Accountant Test

New Zealand Part/Non-Qualified Accountant Test

Australian Part/Non-Qualified Accountant Test

New Zealand Bookkeeper Test

Australian Bookkeeper Test

United Kingdom Bookkeeper Test


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