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One Chance to Make The Right Impression to a Candidate

By Steve Evans on Oct 07, 2020

Whether it’s a new client your pitching for, or trying to hire the right person, the challenges are the same – they have options and can be choosy...

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Remote employee on-boarding checklist

By Steve Evans on Sep 29, 2020

  Onboarding a new employee remotely? Use this checklist… There’s plenty to consider when you’re bringing a new employee onboard – from meetin...

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Interview Questions for Accountant Competencies
Interview Questions for Accountant Competencies

By Steve Evans on Sep 11, 2020

Competency Based Interviewing Checklist Before we run through the competency interview questions, let’s quickly review what competency based interv...

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Write an accountant job ad that will attract top candidates

By Steve Evans on Aug 28, 2020

Writing a job ad or posting is just like writing any advertisement. If you take the analogy that the job is your product and the job seekers are y...

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8 Steps To Follow When Making Job Offers To Accountants

By Steve Evans on Aug 07, 2020

Current global events have resulted in most employers of accountants and bookkeepers suddenly finding those ‘hard to fill’ roles have more qualifi...

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Addressing the risks of unsupervised testing

By Giles Pearson on Jul 09, 2020

  Addressing the Risks of Unsupervised Candidate Testing – Zoom to the Rescue!   At Accountests, we like to share emerging innovative practices wit...

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Position descriptions and person specs for accountants

By Steve Evans on Jun 18, 2020

  When a position vacancy arises, it provides an opportunity for you to review the needs and resources of the business and align staff skill sets ...

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Audit Senior / Audit Manager Technical Knowledge Test

By Giles Pearson on Jun 04, 2020

Have you ever tried to hire auditors?  After 5+ years of talking to accounting firms about the challenges of hiring experienced accountants, we oft...

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Making the most of phone and video interviews

By Steve Evans on May 13, 2020

Making the Most of Phone & Video Interviews  With current times requiring all of us to manage and minimize travel and face-to-face meetings, in...

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Referee questions for accounting positions

By Steve Evans on Apr 29, 2020

Referee Questions for Accountants  If you’re going to make reference checking a valuable exercise, you need to interview your referees as effective...

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Writing A Killer Accountant Job Advertisement

By Steve Evans on Feb 14, 2020

Writing a job ad is just like writing any advertisement. If you take theanalogy that the job is your product and the job seekers are your customers,you need to make a compelling case for why they should take time to applyfor your vacancy when so many employers are competing to get your candidatesattention.

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How To Become Renowned For Being Customer Centric

By Steve Evans on Nov 30, 2019

To become great business and win trust you not only need to provide great service, but you need to be customer-centric in everything you do.

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