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Navigating the Talent Drought: 6 Strategies for Recruiting and Retaining Accounting Talent

In today’s cutthroat hiring market, those actively seeking to recruit and retain quality accounting candidates need fast and effective hiring strategies.  

The best place to start is where you find your candidates. In a recent survey we found out that  employers of accountants are finding the most success through recruiters! Networking channels (including referral programs and personal and professional networks) came in at a close second, while the remainder of employers were turning to posting their own ads and utilizing social media. Here are the stats: 


And while this initial piece of information may be helpful to determine the best place to look for candidates, no one has time for trial and error for the rest of the hiring process. So, we’ve compiled our top tips for quick and confident decision-making when it comes to finding and hiring for hard-to-fill roles. 


 1. Find Your 'Wow' Factor

To attract and retain top accounting talent, firms must identify and promote their unique selling points. What makes your firm stand out from the competition? How do your employee perks stand up against the rest? Consider offering benefits such as guaranteed no overtime, customizable career paths, or innovative scheduling options like "Summers off" for staff needed during tax season. By highlighting these distinguishing features, firms can create a compelling value proposition for prospective candidates. 


 2. Feedback Mechanisms

We all know communication is key. Establish robust feedback mechanisms for employees to share their thoughts and concerns. Actively seek and consider employee feedback to identify areas of improvement and demonstrate the firm's commitment to continuous enhancement, making your firm more appealing to top talent. 


 3. Sustainable Practices

In an era where environmental and social responsibility are increasingly important, showcase any sustainable practices or initiatives your firm has adopted. Many professionals are drawn to employers with a commitment to making a positive impact on the world. 


 4. Utilize Social Media

What better way to showcase your firms culture and values than by leveraging social media and professional networking platforms? Engage with potential candidates through these channels, sharing success stories, employee testimonials, and updates about the firm. This can create a positive and appealing online presence. 


 5. Accentuate Positive Hiring Experience

Instead of dwelling on the challenges, focus on highlighting the firm's strengths and unique culture. Avoid sharing negative experiences and showcase the firm's commitment to professional development, work-life balance, and a supportive work environment. 


 6. Always Be Interviewing

To stay ahead in the talent game, adopt the mindset of always being in recruitment mode. This proactive approach ensures that firms don't miss out on exceptional candidates, even when there isn't an immediate opening.  


From discovering your 'Wow' Factor to exploring diverse candidate pools and championing sustainable practices, elevate your hiring processes with these actionable strategies. In this era of constant workplace innovation, the smartest thing any firm can do is develop a recruitment strategy that works WITH the unique rhythms of today's dynamic job market, not against. 


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Donna Roughan  |  With 22 years of expertise in accounting and business advisory, Donna has held pivotal roles, notably as a Director at PwC, and has executive experience in both finance and operations.

Accountests  |  Accountests deliver the world’s only online suite of annually updated and country-specific technical skills, ability and personality tests designed by and for accountants and bookkeepers. 
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